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Thread: Sad News.

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    Default Sad News.

    I have been asked by Al to pass on to the forum the sad news that his dearest Vonny passed away this afternoon.
    She fought her terrible illness to very end and I'm sure you will join me in offering Al all our sincerest condolences and best wishes at this awful time.

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    I'm lost for words. I was only chatting to Vonny the other day and we were saying how much we were looking forward to being able to catch up once Covid bates off... this doesn't feel real. Obviously I knew Vonny was extremely ill but I'm struggling to process this.

    The natural instinct is to want to go and comfort Al, but we can't. Attending Vonny's funeral also seems unlikely in the current climate. All we can do for now is be there for Al as a club, as a family and ensure we physically visit him the moment we're permitted.

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    We just saw Rich's post on Facebook and Rach and I are so sorry to hear this news, both of us in tears. Vonny was always the life and soul of the party, especially at fest time. I really feel for Al and wish, like you Rich that we could all be there for him, especially with his heart condition. RIP our dearest Vonny, you'll always be in our thoughts. Our prayers and Love go out to Al.

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    Terrible news, she was a lovely lady.
    My thoughts are with Al at this worst of times.

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    That's awful news.

    I only met her once but I know how much a part of the club she is. I feel for you all who knew her well.
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    Such sad news

    My thoughts and heart goes out to Al

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    I'm not really sure what to say here. Vonny was like a mum to all of us. I am proud to say that I once finished one of her roast dinners.
    Things like this always seem to happen to the decent people, and you couldnt get more decent than Al & Vonny, they've done so much for so many over the years.
    Al, if you're reading this please accept our condolences. We're all here for you even if we can't physically be.
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    Damn damn damn damn disease!!!!!

    Bobster pm'd me said see Rich Elliotts post and i was like what?................

    Blown away..............

    Thoughts are with Al at such a crap time........xx

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    Really sad to hear this, all our thoughts are with Uncle Al at this horrid time
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    So sorry to hear about Vonny Al. Our thoughts are with you in this dark time mate.

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