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Thread: Cougarfest 2020

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mako View Post
    I want to wake up at 5am with a full bladder and see a world covered in mist while I wander - stagger - to the toilets wearing nothing but pants and a t-shirt.
    hhahaa bloody poetry that Mako

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    Well sir I appreciate that, but it's my once-a-year reality.

    If you're unlucky enough to be awake at that time, you're gonna politely nod at my scrawny butt while I waddle to somewhere I can offload whatever unworldly mix of alcohol-and-diet-Coke I crammed down myself some 4 hours before.

    And then I'll get the kettle on.
    I paid for the whole rev meter, so I'm sure as hell going to use the whole rev meter.

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    Guys, if this comes off, and I really hope it does, then if I can make it I have loads of our camping gear which will never be used again which I can load in to the boot of DG all being well, or if not then it'll have to be the Mondy. Either way, the stuff would either be donated to the club or personal freebies. I'll get parts info listed later but FYI the tent was sold a couple of years ago.

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