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Thread: Matt aka Ginja

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    Default Matt aka Ginja

    It is with a heavy heart that I type this. I know many of you have been following Matt's posts about his health and his wedding.

    At around half 6 yesterday evening, we had a message from his wife that he'd taken a drastic and sudden turn for the worse. The doctors had said he had literally hours to live. Becky and I flew over to the hospital and stayed there until almost 1am. A lot of Matt's family gathered over the evening. He was himself up until I left. I left telling him I expected a full report in the morning on how shit the breakfast was.

    On Saturday, he had asked Kevin, Silver Dream Machine to be his wedding photographer. I rang Kevin before setting off to the hospital as he and Matt were also close friends. Kev had said he'd not long finished compiling the pictures and videos onto a DVD.

    At the hospital, I had the idea that if indeed this was Matt's last night that maybe seeing his pictures etc would in some way give him a kick, a glimmer of something to hang on for. I called Kev who came to the hospital complete with all the pictures etc and a device for Matt to watch/see them on.

    Matt had had used up his physical strength to achieve his goal of getting married. He did that with immense pride. Never have a I met a man that had the strength, determination and will that Matt had to achieve his goal.

    In the early hours, 01:45 to be precise, Matt's body could no longer keep up with his will and determination.

    As his Best Man just four days ago, it's unreal that I'm writing this today.

    Rest In Peace Matthew.

    You absolutely will never be forgotten.

    Give our regards to Dave, Les and Chris.

    Sleep well mate,

    Kully, Becky and Karishma x

    P.S. I WILL make sure everyone knows you drove a Cougar 2
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    What's the best paint for hoses? Been to Halfords but can't find the right type!

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    Hose paint

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    Brought a lump to my throat. RIP Matt. May you reverse park over all the traffic cones up there...

    Rob and Jayne

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    What's the best paint for hoses? Been to Halfords but can't find the right type!

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    Hose paint

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    Rip Matt.

    I was genuinely gutted when I was told the news a short time ago.

    My condolences to everyone who was close and I hope you can help each other through this terrible time.

    Rip Matt....and Kully, if there is anything I can do, please ask.

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    RIP Matt.

    Distance doesn't make this tragic news any easier to comprehend.

    Our heartfelt condolences to Emma and Tina and to Matt's family.

    Andy, Karen, Matt and Nathan.

    "Got in my Mercury and drove out West
    Pedal to the metal and my luck to the test........" Lucinda Williams - Fruits of My Labour

    RIP Chris.
    RIP Matt.

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    R.I.P. Matt.

    My deepest sympathies to Emma, Tina and all of Matt's family.

    Your bravery and determination throughout your illness leaves me speechless. You were determined to get married to Emma no matter what life threw in your way. You succeeded with flying colours, it's just a pity you could not have had more time with your wife.
    I am sure that everyone from ukcougar will miss you.

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    Even after seeing Matt, clearly unwell at his wedding at the weekend, this still comes as a total shock.
    One of this club's greatest characters, you'll never be forgotten.

    Deepest condolences to Emma, Tina and Matt's family and friends.

    Manos, Mo and Theo x.

    R.I.P. Ginja - did you know he had a C2?
    R.I.P. Chris (Warthog). R.I.P. Dave (Morgasm).
    R.I.P. Les (Nico).
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    I spoke to Matt and Emma at Badminton Hall a couple of weeks back, just before they left for Tim and Rachels wedding. I only had a few minutes as i arrived when they were ready for leaving. The thing that really amazed me about Matt and his situation was that outwardly, he just didn't seem fazed by it, he just got on with, i guess what he knew he had left. A character for us all to remember and cherish, we just know he's going to be missed by a lot of us who have been lucky enough to have known him, and as has been said above, it's a crying shame he wasn't allowed more time together with Emma and family.
    Rest in peace, Matt, we're gonna miss ya!

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    Sorry to hear this sad news. Condolences to his family...

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    When I signed in just now this was the first thing I saw and my heart sank. I didn't know Matt very well but from what I could tell from here he seemed like a nice helpful guy and it is obvious that he had the love and respect of his friends.

    Our condolences to all your family and friends - I'm glad that at least you got to get married and experience the wedding day which by all accounts was brilliant.

    Keep it rockin' up there.

    Matt & Erika.
    though dark our days may seem, this is a different dream

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    R.I.P Matt

    Didn't know him personally, but this is very sad news indeed, my condolences to every one who knew and loved him.
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    "Lifes just a bet on a race, Between the lights"

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